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cost reduction in your business
Business Strategy
Gary @ CX3 Digital

How to Think About Expense Reduction in your Business

Every company has to think about expense reduction in your business at some point. At least they should. After all, it’s easier to increase revenue by expense reduction than increasing sales. Theoretically you control your company’s costs right? The economy of the last seven or eight years has made many of us expense reduction experts

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we don't need seo
Social Media
CX3 Digital

Memes Can Make Your Marketing, if you Do Them Right.

  The term “meme” can refer to many different applications, from goofy cat photos to any image with text, but the origin of the term sheds light on why and how we use the word today. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins originally coined the term “meme” to describe a cultural idea or trend that circulates and grows in

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5 things I do every Friday
Business Strategy
Gary @ CX3 Digital

5 Things I Do Every Friday

So many of us work for the weekend (there’s a song in there somewhere), and when Friday gets here, we just don’t put as much into the day as perhaps we should.

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