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Mobile Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

Written by Gary Williams
October 30, 2019
mobile marketing

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2019, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that mobile marketing is where it’s at! (Excuse the bad grammar)

If you are marketing your business to consumers sitting quietly in front of their desktops with large flat-screen displays, you are missing 74% of your potential audience.

The last three years were transitional years in marketing technologies in many ways. One of the largest was that mobile devices reached a tipping point and more of us, in fact, more than two-thirds of us, go to our mobile devices for information first.

If you don’t have a smart TV, tablet, e-reader, laptop or cell phone…well, you probably aren’t reading this anyway.


what does mobile friendly mean for mobile marketing in 2018Mobile-friendly. Perhaps that term is a bit overused already, but it’s very descriptive and self-explanatory.

If your content isn’t being presented in a mobile-friendly way you are shooting yourself in the proverbial foot.

Our cell phone obsession can be witnessed easily, usually by just looking in a mirror. Yes you.

Still, who of us has not been out to dinner with our spouse, date or family and looked around the restaurant to see people looking into their laps and tapping away while awaiting their next course as opposed to practicing the beautiful art of conversation?

Then you look up and realize your family (hopefully not your date) is doing the same thing. Perhaps they are chatting with each other? Most likely they are communicating with the people they wish they were with, but I digress.

The fact is that our mobile devices, specifically our cell phones are used more than anything else to communicate and consume information.

Savvy businesses have been in the mobile marketing game for a few years, but if you have been waiting to see if this thing pans out, wait no more.

It’s here and you need to figure out how best to use that to your business advantage.

Demographics and ROI

return on investment mobile marketing in 2018Like any other form of marketing, demographics are important and crafting your message or providing tools based on a specific consumer segment is critical to success.

Unlike many older forms of marketing though, mobile marketing started out of the gate with a huge advantage. That is the ability to collect information on the people using their devices including the kind of device, time, place, frequency etc.

One of our platform partners is SharpSpring and their VisitorID tool is scary amazing. Others such as HubSpot and our preferred tool for small businesses, ActiveCampaign, all have amazing tracking, tagging and automation capabilities.

From this ever growing data set, patterns of consumer behavior are developing and can be used by those marketers (and you) looking to reach a very specific consumer, and who of us are not?

It makes our marketing efforts, but more importantly our marketing dollars spent, more effective. This gives us a higher ROI, increases our profitability and allows us to do more with the same budget. What about that doesn’t sound good?

Mobile Marketing in 2020 is a Necessity


The reality is that in 2020 and certainly beyond, consumers absolutely expect to access your information on a mobile device.

If you are not mobile-friendly or responsive they will move on to your competitor (if they are mobile-friendly) very quickly. You have six seconds to make a good impression….six seconds….

No matter what the device, consumers today expect a friendly and easily accessible site experience, easy to see, read and fill out forms on.

If you want more visits, leads and conversions from your website, it simply has to be ready and enhanced for mobile. These are most recently referred to as “responsive” sites, which is to say they query the device and adjust accordingly. Pretty cool stuff.

Interesting Statistics

There are some (at least to me) very interesting statistics emerging regarding mobile information consumption:

  • SAP has reported that 76% of people are more likely to read a message quicker if it’s sent via text than email. Perhaps teenagers have known that for some time.
  • What would you rather give up than lose your cell phone for a week? TeleNav survey says:
    • 70% Alcohol (easy)
    • 63% Chocolate (not as easy)
    • 33% Sex (no comment)
    • 22% Toothbrush (easy to spot)
    • 21% Shoes (no jokes about which states)
    • 20% Computer (see the trend?)
  • 70% of people believe that an SMS/Text is a good way for an organization to get their attention (SAP)
  • 64% of consumers believe that businesses should converse more often with customers via SMS/Text (SAP)
  • Types of mobile offers most likely to trigger a consumer action are:
    • Pricing based       66% (Emotional)
    • Time sensitive      52% (Urgency)
    • Location based     50% (Convenience)

In case the above didn’t give you an “ah-ha” moment, texting isn’t just for kids anymore.

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  • Tips for creating content that attracts and keeps visitors
  • Best practices for converting traffic into leads, including Calls-to-Action, Landing Pages, and Forms

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